Mishima-tei. Preserving the tradition of Sukiyaki for over 140 years.

The traditional Kyoto townhouse-style establishment of Mishima-tei stands as something of a local landmark and is one in which its long history can be felt distrinctly. It was built during Japan's Meiji period, a time now known as "the age of civilization and enlightenment" during which old Japanese traditions came to coexist with modern innovation.
The beef served at Mishima-tei are from Kuroge-Wagyu cows raised in nature and handpicked according to Mishima-tei's stringent standards. The rich flavors of the finely-marbled beef, prepared in various ways such as sukiyaki, mizutaki and oil-yaki, is a truly enjoyable culinary experience.
Mishima-tei's traditions and secret recipes are well-kept by its fifth-generation head chef, Taro Mishima, and the restaurant continues to satisfy guests from all across the world.
We hope you have the chance to experience premium Sukiyaki in a relaxing traditonal Japanese atmosphere.

About the Restaurant

Enjoy high-quality sukiyaki and shabu-shabu with premium quality Kuroge Wagyu beef at Mishima Tei Honten, or French Kyoto-style charcoal-grilled steak and innovative dishes at Mishima Tei Aujeuan.
We welcome you to fully-savor the ambiance and cuisine at Mishima Tei Honten or Aujeuan. Please enjoy historical Kyoto and the traditional atmosphere at either of the locations which show the essence of traditional Japanese culture.

Restaurant Information

【Restaurant Name】三嶋亭本店 (Mishima Tei Honten) & 翁樹庵 (Aujeuan)
【Location】Both in Kyoto in Nakagyō-ku
【Business Hours】
Mishima Tei 11:00~20:30(L.O : 19:30)
【Dress Code】Semi-formal. No short pants, no T-shirts, no bare feet (socks required), no strong perfumes.
【Children】Children welcome


【Reservations】Reservations required
※Payment via credit card or Paypal from the official website required at least 3 days before the date of the reservation.
【Payment Method】
※Payment for reserved courses with a credit card is required.
※Any additional orders made for food or drink at the restaurant are to be paid for at the restaurant after the meal.


【Category】Sukiyaki, Shabu-shabu, Steak
【Location】Kyoto, Nakagyō-ku
【Keywords】Kyoto, Robata-yaki, Oil-Yaki, Kyoto French restaurant, beef